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The Youth Hacktivators is a collective of young changemakers who want to accelerate the transition of sustainable business models by connecting youth climate activism with the private sector.

Our story goes back to Sustainable Brand’s first european-wide event in Paris, 2019. Sustainable Brands is the global community of brand innovators who aspire to shape the future of commerce. With their goal to inspire, engage and create positive impact, they included a team of 40 hacktivators to infiltrate the event and to empower young voices. And just like that, we were born.

For our community check out this section and for our offer, keep reading!

We act as an interface between environmental movements led by young people and companies willing to change “business as usual”. We provide an end to end solution that gives you access to the movement, the insights and the network of opinion leaders and influencers. 

We propose to HACK and to ACT to build a new chapter of sustainability, one where intergenerational collaboration helps you develop a winning CSR or SDG strategy. We co-create spaces for constructive dialogue, give honest feedback and inspire companies to find transformative solutions to current environmental and social issues. 

To ensure the resilience of both the environment and companies, we offer two types of services:


Access to the mapped ecosystem of youth climate activism, its influencers and key opinion leaders, their events and organizations as well as the information of our own Youth Observatory.

The Youth Observatory carries out surveys within our community of Youth Hacktivators (selected young activists already interested in environmental issues) as well as with the general public. 

We study where young people are, where we want to be and why we are not there yet.


Our hacktivation creates spaces for dialogue with young environmental hacktivators.

Inclusion of youth in your event

As event organizer, include young people in your conference for a unique and memorable experience, bring them as hacktivators or as keynote speakers to all types of platforms (digital or physical) and deliver the message of sustainability in a powerful and creative way.


As a member of a corporation, hacktivate your Marketing, CSR or HR needs and objectives with our fresh point of view and out of the box ideas. Our hacktivation consists on identifying rising trends, environmental priorities and creating ambitious and effective action plans. 

We adapt to already created formats or develop new and innovative ones that bring the essence of empowered youth to corporations:

Reverse mentoring, changemaker communities, inverted conferences, corporate activism, shadow committees and more!

Find keynote speakers, influencers or figures of the youth climate change movement for interventions in your events.

To achieve a WIDER IMPACT, we rely on a network of change agents (companies, associations, individuals and movements) willing to inspire you and help you to come up with creative and efficient solutions.

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