This is the hidden part of the youth climate activism movement, infiltrating companies and hacktivating them (hacking+acting) to make our voices heard in the private sector.

We are a community of proactive and informed young professionals and students, wanting to do more, to fight climate injustice and to make intergenerational collaboration a reality.


WE ARE BOLD AND INDEPENDENT. It takes balls to go to companies with nothing but conviction for a better world and tell them what they’re doing wrong. Our objective is to represent the most authentic messages from the youth climate activism movement and no amount of money will change that.

WE ARE AN OPEN PARTY. Collaboration, inclusion and diversity are the foundations for positive change. We invite every voice and every person to this platform because the more diverse the discussions, the funner.

WE ARE NAKED. We won't hide any dirty laundry, we fully bet on transparency - weekly meetings are public and all internal documents shared for thorough understanding of what we do.

WE WANT TO DO GOOD. This project relies on positive dialogue and hacktivation (hacking and activating), critical thought is welcomed and the will to help others do better even more so.

The environment needs proactive and passionate people to change the systems that harm it. We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of young activists and aspire to support their projects and ideas to elevate intergenerational inclusion to all sustainability platforms.

We need help with:
• Mapping the ecosystem.
• Infiltrating companies through Youth Hacktivators missions.
• Finding companies to hacktivate.
• Communicating or sharing your point of view of the movement.
• Make your own personal projects grow within the company.

This community commits to follow these values + objectives and to avoid any harm to its members or to the company Hacktivators.

All feedback is welcomed, all decisions should be taken democratically and the information shared publicly in the community should be treated with care and respect.

Guys, get ready. It’s going to be an exciting ride 😉

We highly encourage applications from young womxn, people of color, non binary people, people from the LGBTQIA+ community, people with ongoing health conditions, disabilities and different abilities.

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